10 Best Countertop Water Filter in 2021 – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you are a big fan of the taste or high-quality of your home drinking water, then choosing the best countertop water filter is yet the cost-effective alternative besides bulk-buying bottled water. It filters out all those contaminants in water that contribute to an odor smell or taste.

Talking about the best countertop water dispenser, they are compact in design and sleek in shape. It won’t harm your health at any stage. As long as you have filtered the unhealthy water, you will enjoy a better taste of water free from harmful bacteria. Unlike the under-sink water filters, you do not need to perform any hard installation for its set-up. It comes pre-assembled.

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List of Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews 2021

In the first section, we have provided you a list of the best countertop water filter system available in 2021. Whereas in the second section, we bring the biggest buyer’s guide to better help you know more about the best countertop water filters.

Let’s get into a discussion below!

  • APEX MR-1050 Countertop Drinking Water Filter
  • Zero Installation Purifier AlcaPure
  • New Wave Enviro
  • Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System
  • Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed
  • Cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System
  • Cuckoo Tankless Countertop Water Dispenser with Carbon
  • The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter
  • Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2
  • Pentair Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter System

Comparison Table of Best Countertop Water Filter 2021

Image Product Specs Price
APEX MR-1050 Countertop Drinking Water Filter Weight: 5 Pounds
Dimension: 12 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches inches

Color: Clear
Filteration System:
Reverse Osmosis
Check Price
Zero Installation Purifier AlcaPure Weight: 23 Pounds
14.5 x 9.5 x 16.25 inches
Color: Silver White
Capacity: 75 gallons per day
Filteration System:
Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline
Check Price
 New Wave Enviro Weight: 1 pounds
3 x 3 x 9.5 inches
Capacity: 800 gallons
Filteration System:
Resin Ion Exchange
Check Price
Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System Weight: 6.2 Pounds
11.5 x 4.25 x 11 inches
Color: White/Black
Filteration System:
Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Block
Check Price
Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter Weight: 8.8 pounds
9.5 x 9.5 x 23 inches
Color: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 2 Gallons
Filteration System:
gravity-fed water filtration system
Check Price
cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System Weight: 3.36 pounds
5 x 5 x 9.5 inches
Color: Black/Brushed Stainless
Capacity: 10000 Gallons
Filteration System:
Activated Carbon
Check Price
Cuckoo Tankless Countertop Water Dispenser with Carbon Weight: 7.5 Pounds
14.93 x 5.32 x 14.45 inches
Material: Plastic
Check Price
The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter Weight: 3 Pounds
6 x 4 x 13 inches
Material: Stainless Steel
Check Price
Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System Weight: 4.25 Pounds
Dimension: 12.3 x 9.4 x 7.6 inches
Color: White

Capacity: 500 gallons
Check Price
Pentair Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter System Weight: 3.2 pounds
Dimension: 4.25 x 7.25 x 8.25 inches
Color: White

Capacity: 450 gallons
Check Price

1. APEX MR-1050 Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The top of our list has the name APEX MR-1050, which is excellent for removing any undesirable particle from the water. But at the same time, it is responsible for balancing the pH level to suits your body chemistry.

Plus, it is also helpful when it comes to the elimination of junk or bacteria floating in the water. This includes heavy metals, Chlorine, and microorganism. This will eventually leave healthy and clean water.


As your body cannot produce the minerals on its own, it is a better idea to look for a filter that can do this for you. It is extremely easy for the easy set-up, which can easily fit into any standard tap. In just a few minutes, it starts running. Make sure you install it correctly; otherwise it will start leaking.

It is a high-performance RO solution with which the contaminants are completely removed from the forcing water. This is all done through a permeable membrane. Plus, it also makes use of a 4-stage filtration process. Due to the high capacity, you are just allowed to change the filter once a year with regular use.


  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Max Feed Water Pressure: 85 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM
  • Filtration Media: Reverse Osmosis
  • Filter Life: 1 Year
  • Certification: WQA

The model has been so much lightweight and compact. It is easy to move it from one faucet to another faucet without any hassle. Moreover, it has a 99% removal rate with which it can smoothly eliminate common contaminants such as copper and lead.

As soon as it removes the chlorine or bacteria, you will find an amazing improvement in the quality taste, and smell. Apart from that, you will also receive lifetime support from the WQA-certified water specialists at the APEC.

  • Removes bacteria, chlorine, or heavy metals, and microorganisms
  • It helps to balance pH levels
  • Adds some important minerals into the water
  • Easy to set-up
  • It fits any standard tap
  • It might leak if not perfectly threaded

2. Zero Installation Purifier AlcaPure

This is yet another best-rated and top excellent countertop water filter for home use, Zero Installation Purifier AlcaPure! This filter has made itself the most high-end filter, rated excellent in the market. Its only drawback has been its price, which is quite costly to purchase.

This filter has the potential where it can completely transform ordinary tap water into clean and healthy water. Plus, it alkalizes H20 to an ordinary and optimal pH level.


With this water filter’s support, you can reduce 99% of impurities. This consists of chlorine, heavy metals, or fluoride. Another primary perk of this filter is that you can use it right away as soon as you take it out of the box. There is no need to buy tools, messy hoses, or leaky diverters.

Also, the complete machine has been BPA free. There is no need to fear about bisphenol-A harms affecting you or your family. Besides the alkalization, the AlcaPure even remineralizes the pure water in the direction of a positive extent with the help of genuinely returning a few of the minerals.


  • Color: Silver White
  • Capacity: 75 G/day
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.5 x 9.5 x 16.25 inches
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline
  • Filter Life: 1 Year

Even if it is available at a costly price, it has still made itself the most demanding filter model. It is included with the great sitting on any countertop. Plus, this best countertop reverse osmosis system successfully alkalizes the water to around a pH of 7 or 8, and hence it fully leaves your drinking water fully fresh and yet clean.

  • Beautiful in overall convenience
  • Alkalizes to almost 7-8 pH
  • Remineralizes just after the filtration
  • No more use of messy hoses
  • Costly

3. New Wave Enviro

To have an excellent countertop water filter, look for the one which is available with the 4 or 5 stages of filtration. And New Wave Enviro is one of them! This water filter system has been excellent for filtering out impurities. It is a complete 10-stage home countertop water filter to have in your house.

This filter works all through the ten various stages for producing fresh and clean water. It will provide you with water free from all contaminants. Plus, it also offers the stage for easily filtering out inorganic arsenic.


The process of installing this water filter has been easy and effortless. It will keep your family hydrated with healthy drinking water for the whole year. As the replacement is mentioned, you have to remove the cartridge and place a new one.

This filter works as an environmentally-friendly solution, which is best for cutting back on the cost of using bottled water. Here we would like to mention that all the Enviro products are NSF certified. Millions of families trust this brand and prefer to use their water filters. They are concerned about providing safe, healthy, and odorless water to the families.

Apart from eliminating arsenic, the 10-stage filtration system quickly filters out lead, chlorine, pesticides, mercury, and much more.


  • Filter Macron Rating: 0.5
  • Capacity: 800 Gallons
  • Filtration System: Resin Ion Exchange
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9.5 inches
  • Filter Life: 1 Year

But as we talk about the aesthetics, it is a little disappointing to the buyers. Some people think that the design of a large white canister is yet not a nice addition to their kitchen. The company needs to put a little attention to the design artwork and add it with some modern outlook. Otherwise, from the point of view of installation and features, it’s a top choice.

  • Family-owned famous company
  • Easy installation with quick replacement
  • The space-saving design of the countertop
  • 10 filtration stages
  • It lacks some aesthetic appeal

4. Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System

The Brondell H2O+ Pearl Countertop System is based on the system of advanced carbon block filter which will help you to get rid of chlorine taste and odor, industrial chemicals, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and extra more particulates.

This system is available with the filter replacement indicator to let you know that at what time you should change the filter cartridge which saves all your effort in terms of tracking the time manually.


It has been compact and builds small for easy transportation. It has been certified by the NSF for the removal of chlorine or the foul taste and odor in tap water. The water that somehow passes through this system will even pass any taste test.

This filter has the capacity with which it can remove off the rust, lead, or sediment particles which are extra smaller. The best thing about this filter is that it produces some freshwater which is not giving any odor smell. You might experience some reduction in the pressure of water. But you will be able to have one cup of filtered water in less time.

The installation process is extremely easy and seems to be cheery on top. You can fasten the whole filter with the faucet in just 5 minutes. You don’t need to use any tools or machinery for its set-up. Even beginners can perform it smoothly.


  • Colour: White/Black
  • Item dimensions L x W x H: 29.2 x 10.8 x 27.9 centimetres
  • Weight: 2.81 Kilograms
  • Purification method: Carbon Block

If you need a basic water filtration without any occupying of much kitchen countertop space, then choosing Brondell Pearl Countertop System is all you need. It is small and compact in size to let you get it fitted into any place all around your kitchen sink.

It has a modern and sleek design to make your kitchen look attractive and elegant.

  • Remove the chlorine taste and odor, VOCs, and extra contaminants
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Compact size and extra lightweight
  • Fast water filtration rate of almost 0.5 GPM
  • Greater water taste
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Limited power of water filtration
  • Shorter filter lifespan
  • The filter replacement indicator is sometimes inaccurate

5. Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed

This gravity-fed water filter works all the way exactly as you expected it to be. Water is loaded from the top of the filtration device, and then it is fed through the force of gravity. The best thing about this water filter is that it allows you to be used at anyplace virtually. There is no need to use any power source, which is its plus point.


The Berkey is offering a powerful system of purification. It is not filtering your water but even purifying it as well. It has the capacity where it can remove 99.999% of bacteria or viruses. Plus, it can also eliminate heavy metals or inorganic minerals. This long-lasting and economical design has a superb 6000-gallon capacity before you plan to replace it.

Plus, this best countertop water filtration system is available in various size options to choose the one which suits your requirements. Apart from the 3.25-gallon capacity, you can choose from the 1.5, 2.25, 4.5, and 6-gallon options. The one you will choose is based on how you will use the filtration system. This 3.25-gallon is capable of hydrating 2 to 4 people for one full day.


  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 2 Gallons
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 9.5 x 9.5 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Filter Life: 2+ Years

Although the Royal Berkey will permit the users to drink with full confidence, it is ideal for everyone. It is equally best for outdoor adventure use. But this might not be the best option for you for a permanent house filtration system. We will recommend you choose a faucet attachment like the Apex or new wave for house use.

  • Easy to use the design of gravity-fed
  • No need for a power source
  • Powerful system of purification
  • The impressive capacity of the filter
  • Not suitable for the permanent home filtration
  • The slow rate of flow

6. Cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System

It’s time to improve your drinking water quality with the excellent solution of cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System! This is the best-budgeted and superior water filter for your house use.

Its initial cost has been extremely low. But the best part is that it does not require any replacement filers. This normally means a one-time cost for delivering up to 10,000 gallons of clean, healthy drinking water to the entire household.


This filter model uses activated carbon filtration to easily filter out sediment, chlorine, or volatile organic compounds. It even improves the taste/odor of water. The overall design of the filter has been so much stylish. It utilizes an eye-catching diverter to connect the filter directly to the standard kitchen faucets.

As for the installation, you will get all the tools in a box. You don’t have to buy anything separately. It has a lifespan duration with which it can last long with the 10,000-gallon capacity.

The only thing you should know about is the flow rate, which decreases with time. But this is very much common for any countertop water filter. You can expect the build-up of minerals or sediments if the tap water is being used.


  • Color: Black/Brushed Stainless
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5 x 5 x 9.5 inches
  • Purification Method: Activated Carbon
  • Weight: 3.36 pounds

Even if the filter cannot have you filled to almost 10,000 gallons, this filter is still worthy of money. As you will calculate the overall cost of drinking bottled water, you will find no better option than the cleanwater4less in terms of the value for the price.

  • Sleek stainless steel durable design
  • No need for replacement filters
  • Long duration lifespan
  • Easy diverter valve set of installation
  • Lacking fluoride filtration
  • Just 97% of the contaminants are removed

7. Cuckoo Tankless Countertop Water Dispenser with Carbon

To have a high-tech kitchen countertop water filter for your house, we have the best recommendation of the Cuckoo CP-MN031BK Direct Flow filtration system. This water filter system looks great on any countertop. It produces crystal clear and clean water with the push of one button.

At the time of water filtration, this system will also remineralize it with magnesium, calcium, and potassium.


The Cuckoo uses three separate filtration cartridges: Carbon, Nano, and Mineralizer. With these three filtration methods working together, water is free from harmful bacteria, viruses, tastes and odors, heavy metals, and other contaminants, all without losing out on the essential minerals necessary for the human body to function at its fullest.

Aside from its powerful filtration abilities, the Cuckoo’s best part is its sleek countertop design. This is why so many people are willing to pay a higher price tag. The machine itself looks similar to a Keurig, but all required for operation is the push of a button. There is a minimal setup that takes the average person about 15 minutes, but drinking filtered water has never been easier once done.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.93 x 5.32 x 14.45 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • External Testing Certification: cETLus, FCC

Cuckoo’s filter replacement System will alert you when you should replace the filtration system. Plus, it will also specify the exact filter which needs to be changed. The cuckoo brand has developed the simple and easiest installation water filter for you. It does not require any hassle of turning, twisting, or leakage. The just downside is that replacement filters are not available cheap.

  • The sleek design of the countertop
  • Remineralizes & alkalizes
  • The filter has a replacement alarm
  • Some sort of setup is required
  • The high cost of the replacement filters

8. The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter

If you invest in the best stainless steel appliances for your kitchen, then it is equally important to put your investment in the best stainless steel model for a countertop water filter. And for that sake, here we have the best option of Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter for you.

The best thing about this water filter is that it never goes out of fashion. You can directly have this model connected with your kitchen faucet. In this way, you will divert the tap water to the filtration system.


This water filter offers a long-lasting 1,000-gallon filter based on how many people are using it. You have to replace the filter just once a year, which is quite cool. With the help of this filter mode, you can effectively filter with almost 97% of chlorine or volatile organic compounds. It even improves the tastes and odors.

Lake Industries brand has always claimed to produce the best quality of filter models to have healthy and clean drinking water. Another best thing about this filter model is that it is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6 x 4 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds
  • External Testing Certification: NSF

This whole stainless steel design looks good and is easy to clean. You will find it so much durable. Although you will have to change the filter once a year, you can still expect to be using this whole filtration system for years to come!

  • Heavy-duty, durable stainless steel construction
  • Sleek modern design
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
  • Affordable price
  • Flow rate often decreases over time

9. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2

Next on our list, we have Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2, another most recommended countertop water filter available in the market. Many people have been using this filter to smoothly eliminate chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Filtering out the fluoride is made extra easier than ever with the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 countertop filtered water dispenser. This filter has the potential where it can completely transform ordinary tap water into clean, healthy water. Plus, it even alkalizes H20 to a standard and optimal pH level.


The Home Master dispenser effectively delivers highly pure water through the 3-stage filter with which it removes up to 93% of fluoride, or chlorine, and other chemicals. It has an efficient space-saving design that suitably gets adjusted into your kitchen area.

Plus, it has an easy installation set-up in which you can have your filter ready for use in just 15 minutes. It is extremely portable to move easily from one place to another.


  • Filter Macron Rating: 0.5
  • Capacity: 500 Gallons
  • Filtration
  • Weight: 4.25 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.4 x 7.6 inches

To eliminate fluoride from your water, choosing this filter model is the best option for you. But its major drawback is that it cannot remove all sorts of chemicals similar to the rest of the filter models. It has its main focus on fluoride and chlorine. But you will get contaminant-free water in each aspect where it has a 99.9% filtration rating instead of just 93%.

  • The efficient design of space-saving
  • Useful for easily minimizing fluoride
  • An advanced set of the multi-stage filter
  • Perfect for all sink top
  • Lower filter capacity
  • The short lifespan of the filter

10. Pentair Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter System

This is a complete state-of-the-art filter system that is modern and stylish in design. It can eliminate over 60 common contaminants. This includes chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs, PFOA, and PFOS.

Plus, the filter is NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and P473 certified for reducing the chlorine/chloramine, cysts, or mercury, lead, VOCs, PFOAs, as well as PFOS. This filter is also useful for improving your entire kitchen water-related tasks and provide you healthy, clean drinking water.


The Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter makes the use of a dual carbon block. With this technology, you will remove around 60 contaminants and last for more than 450 gallons or six months. It even has a convenient built-in LED indicator to alert you when you should change your filters.

Plus, it has a maximum flow rate of 0.5 GPM and an operating pressure of 80 PSI. This reliable drinking filter has been quite small in the dimension of just 8 ¼ inches high and 7 ¼ inches wide. Therefore, it will take a little space on your countertop. Hence we would say that it is a convenient option for anyone, especially for apartment use.


  • Filter Macron Rating: 0.5
  • Capacity: 450 Gallons
  • Weight: 3.2 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 7.25 x 8.25 inches

It is available with an easy installation system. You should have a chrome diverter, filter, and hose assembly for a quick installation process. Plus, the box even includes two faucet adapters, two rubber washers, a reminder timer battery for the LED light, and a complete installation guide. Pelican has a 90-day customer guarantee and a one-year limited customer warranty.

  • Removes around 60 water contaminants
  • Offers LED light indicator
  • Easy to set-up
  • Very convenient
  • Many users reported low water pressure
  • The faucet adaptors provided do not fit their faucets.

Countertop Water Filter Buying Guide

Once you have finally decided to install a countertop water filter, now it’s time to step into the market to pick the best one. But hold on! How will you choose the best one? Let’s help you a bit with it!

Here we have shared a few important points that you should consider when buying the best countertop water filters for home use: Check out below!

1. How many are the filter stages?

The best quality of the countertop water filter is based on a maximum of 2-3 stages. The better it will be to have clean and pure water as many stages it has. Expensive countertop models have at least 8-9 stages.

2. Type of Countertop Filter

Regarding the removal of contaminants, you should always choose a modern carbon filter. Hence best over the counter water filter is available in various options of numerous models where all of them successfully remove the bacteria. If you do not like reverse osmosis or the water waste available with it, you can choose a ceramic filter. It is cheaper, and it also neutralizes most harmful bacteria and viruses from water. But you have to pair it with a carbon filter to remove all the chemicals.

3. Ease of Installation

Another most important factor is the process of installation. Few of the countertop models are available with a complex installation guide. As you purchase a model, make sure it has all the hoses and connectors with it. Hence the missing parts will make your whole installation process extra complex and costly.

4. Pressure of Water

As if you are purchasing a countertop water filter, it is obvious that water pressure will keep on changing all the time. RO Systems are relatively slower. They have thinly tubed, reducing the whole flow of water. But for drinking water, this is not harmful at all.

There are some of the countertop filters where they use wider tubes and special designs of the filters. This will help the water increase with the pressure without showing any effect on the filtration performance. On the contrary, carbon filters have a higher flow rate. They will work better if you need filtered water for the higher-water-volume activities such as washing dishes.

5. The capacity of Filtering Water

The majority of the manufacturers will list the filter’s capacity in terms of months or even years. Carbon filters will last for a maximum of 7-12 months, whereas RO filters can last two years or even more.

Some of the best water filters without separate faucets are also rated in gallons. But if any filter is not displaying you the gallon quantity, it is hard for you to know when to replace the filter. Always check for the number of months or years of usage recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Ease of Filter & Replacement of Membrane

As you plan to look for the replacement parts for the countertop filter, try to always look for the original one. You should check the prices before you make any final decision. Plus, it would help if you were also concerned about replacing your filter. In some of the models, you have to unscrew the cartridge and remove the old filter. This will be so frustrating. Try to look for the model in which the filter and the filter housing are one unit. In this regard, you have to replace the whole unit.

What is a countertop Water Filter?

Now let’s discuss what countertop water filter is all about! This water filter works as a water filtration system with its spout. This spout can easily be installed beside your sink. The main purpose of the water filter system is to improve the overall quality of water for safe drinking. A water filter will eliminate more than 90% of the harmful contaminants found in the drinking water for regular use.

There is no need to filter out from the stand and pour the water into the glass. With just one button press, you will get clean, healthy water in your glass free from harmful chemicals. After having a water filter in your house, you will no longer be dependent on the bottled water.

Another major reason for their popularity is their lightweight nature and compact size. You can easily fit them into any small space near your sink. They are not bulky at all. Plus, you can easily carry them on your vacations or even on a boat. What else you wish for?

Regarding the best countertop alkaline water filter installation, countertop water filters are extremely effortless in their installation procedure. It does not require permanent installation or plumbing to use them.

Types of countertop water filter

A countertop water filter is divided into various types based on their working system. A few of the basic types are discussed below:

1. Water filter pitcher

Water filter pitchers are known to be the simplest and affordable best countertop water purifiers available in the market today. They are quite similar to the appearance of a standard water jug. But they have a filter on top which traps the harmful contaminants. This will provide you with clean and healthy drinking water to enjoy.

The water filter pitcher will filter your water in just 15 minutes. Time length will vary based on certain factors. This includes filter age, filter capacity, and daily drinking water quantity. For the low quality of water, filtration will need more extended processing.

The majority of the best countertop water filter pitcher will hold a maximum of 9-12 cups of water at one time. Once you feel that you have run out of filtered water, you have to refill the pitcher with fresh water from your faucet. Wait for few minutes to get it filtered again.

Some of the pitcher water filters are large with which they can hold a maximum of 4 gallons of water. The larger pitcher is a little complex to use.

Make sure you change the filter according to the product manual guide’s instructions for your convenience. They are easy to clean by removing the filters and soaking them in warm or soapy water. Some of the pitchers are dishwasher friendly, but still, you should check the user manual.

2. Faucet filters

Next, we have faucet water filters, which you can easily install on your kitchen countertop near your sink. They are connected through a flexible plastic hose to your faucet. The reason why they are highly recommended is due to their easy installation process. They are already available in the pre-assembled form. All you have to do is to connect the unit to your faucet for it to work.

Water will start to flow immediately once you have pressed the button on your water filtration system. Take the water out of the filter and pour it into the glass. This is so simple and effortless.

Unlike the rest of the water filter pitchers, you probably have to wait for a few more seconds to let your water get filtered. The majority of the faucet water filters are modern and sleek in design. Their compact shape will enable them to settle into any corner of your house kitchen without any hassle.

As you plan to opt for the faucet filters, you are probably left with so many models and options. Pick the one which suits your kitchen interior décor.

When it comes to replacing or changing the filter, always read the manual guide first. Some of the faucet filters have an LED light on top of them. This LED will alert you when a filter needs to be changed.

3. Carbon filter

A carbon filter is also known as an activated carbon filter or even a coconut carbon filter. This type of filter is a complete combo of faucet water filters and water filter pitchers. Their main purpose is to remove organic compounds and chemicals such as chlorine. You will have water with great taste at the end of the day and is odorless.

Coconut shell or charcoal filters are known to be both organic activated carbon sources. These filters are completely “activated,” in which the pores are opened up to trap all contaminants. This process is known as adsorption.

To remove chlorine particles from the water, a large surface area is required for the filter. Such types of filters are better when it comes to removing larger molecules.

4. Ceramic filter

Like the working of an activated carbon filter, a ceramic filter consists of tiny pores that are spread all across a wide surface area. These pores are responsible for filtering larger sediments such as rust or sand from water. It even removes bacteria.

Ceramic water filters are made out of natural ceramic media. This will help you trap all sorts of impurities as the water flows through all tiny pores. Ceramic water filters are generally used in the initial stages of water filtration. They smoothly remove all those sediments, which can damage your filter in later stages. In short, they are excellent for very fine water filtration.

5. Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filter process in which a certain pressure is used to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. This process will require a deep removal of contaminants and bacteria. But here, we would like to mention that ultrafiltration countertop filters are more costly than standard filters.

During ultrafiltration, the water will flow inside the membrane shell at a fast pressure. Larger solids are even caught in the membrane material. This filtration process will remove the few largest dissolved contaminants such as plastics, proteins, silica, silt, and viruses from the water.

Ultrafiltration is often confused with the process of reverse osmosis, but both of them are quite different in terms of design. Ultrafiltration membranes have some larger pore sizes as compared to reverse osmosis membranes. They are ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. The just distinction between the two filtration methods is that they can remove particles of various water sizes.

6. Water distillers

A water distiller is a unique water treatment method with which water turns into steam. This will eventually produce contaminant-free water. The main purpose of water distillers is to remove lead, viruses, arsenic, fluoride, and a few more contaminants from water.

You will find that the water distiller has been connected with the water faucet inside the countertop water system. With the condensation and boiling process’s help, these water distillers are capable of removing few more difficult impurities. This includes salt and dissolved solids.

The majority of the water distillers will send water through the post-carbon filter once it is completely condensed. It might be possible that some of the contaminants will exist as gases. And you can easily eliminate them from your water by using the filter.

7. Reverse osmosis water filters

Reverse osmosis filters are the last on our list! These filters are mostly found in the under sink water filters. Hence, reverse osmosis is the most efficient method for water filtration. It can eliminate 99.9% of water with great potential. The entire working process of this filter system is quite similar to ultrafiltration. The water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane under some high pressure.

Reverse osmosis is not a standard method of water filtration. It will never waste that much amount of water as compared to the rest of your water-based kitchen appliances. You have to choose between a more efficient system and a less efficient water filtration system.

How does the countertop water filter works?

Many of us do not know that countertop water filters use a complex method to filter drinking water. All the filter models have the same process, but some of them do follow additional steps for better filtration. Here is how a countertop water filter system works for you:

Step No 1: Mechanical Filtration

The first step in this process is mechanical filtration. In this step, the water is pushed through the filter with smaller pores. These pores are in between 0.1 – 0.3 microns. With the help of these small pores, you can remove rust, sediments, or various impurities to get healthy drinking water. Some of the parasites and larger bacteria are also removed in this step.

Step No 2: Water Softening

The second step is about the water softening! This process is done with the ion exchange resins to remove the calcium or magnesium in the water. Plus, this process will also eliminate toxins or heavy metals.

Step No 3: Activated Carbon Filtration

The third most important step in this filtration system is the activated carbon filter. This filter will remove various organic contaminants in the water. This includes disinfectants, pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds.

Step No 4: Alkalization (Optional)

We consider this step to be optional. In this process, some infrared rays are used for ionizing all the acidic components in water. This will make the water much more alkaline.

Step No 5: KDF Filtration (Optional)

The KDF filter will further reduce and neutralizes the Iron, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury Hydrogen Sulfide in the water.

Step No 6: Silver Filter (Optional)

The silver filter is excellent for eliminating the remaining toxins, viruses, bacteria, or heavy metals from the water.

Step No 7: Remineralization (Optional)

The remineralization cartridge is the last step of this process. With the help of a cartridge, you can release magnesium and calcium out of the water. This will result in healthy and clean drinking water.

Advantages of a countertop water filter?

Countertop water filters have various advantages that will make you buy this water filter right now. A few of the main advantages are discussed below:

  • Cheap

Countertop water filters are extremely cheap. As compared to the rest of the filtering methods, they offer reliable results at an affordable price.

  • Space Saver

Although countertop filters are not small, they are still a space saver for their storage! Some of the models are available with the recipients with a storage capacity of 5 gallons. Such models are not small. We will still call them the most compact water filtering systems available in today’s market.

  • Easy Installation

Countertop water filters are extremely easy to install. All the faucet models are connected with the faucet, after which they are ready to go. Water filter pitchers do not require any installation because it is already available pre-assembled. Make sure they are installed accurately for better use.

  • Efficient

Despite the compact sizes, countertop water filters are extremely efficient. All the models are responsible for removing different contaminants in your water. This includes pesticides, fluoride, heavy metals, bad smell, odor taste, herbicides, and chlorine. 

  • Low Maintenance

Another most important benefit of a countertop water filter is low maintenance. You have to change the filter cartridges as soon as the filter reaches the maximum capacity. Most of the models are available with LED alerts to determine when the actual time for replacement is.

The overall maintenance process of the countertop water filter is extremely smooth and easy to perform. It uses a color-coded system to warn you about the filter change.

  • Remineralized Water

Some of the countertop water filters can easily remineralize tap water after filtration. Once the drinking water has been fully filtered, all the contaminants in the water will be blocked. Using remineralizing the drinking water, you will be able to remove contaminants from your drinking water.

  • Easy Priming

No matter whatsoever type of water filtration system you have selected, you have to spend enough time priming the filter cartridges. When it comes to countertop water filters, it is easy to prime the cartridges without any hassle.

Apart from that, the water filter’s manufacturer will also provide you all the necessary instructions and manual guides related to the priming process. Some of the manufacturers even offer some instructive videos related to the priming of the unit.

Countertop water filters vs Under Sink water filters

One most asked question is to know the difference between Countertop water filters vs. Under Sink water filters! Let’s differentiate the two of them below:

  • Appearance & Size

When it comes to the countertop filter, they are also known as water filtration systems. It can comfortably sit on the counter without any hassle. It either has a fill-tank or is connected to the main waterline. If you are connecting it with your water pipe, it should have a faucet and filter built into one device. It will be mounted next to your current sink.

  • Cost

The next factor is the cost of the countertop filter! All the countertop filter models are available at an affordable cost. Plus, you will also find them easy to install.

But for the under-sink filtration system, is extra favored compared to the countertop system. Countertop models have just one or two filtration stages. This is perfectly fine for frequent family contaminants.

  • Installation

Under-sink filters have always remained the first choice for the installation set-up due to their ease. Installation of countertop models will be a little complex if you do not provide accurate instructions or guides. Overall, the higher the filtering traits and the sleeker designs make the under-sink alternative a long way greater popular.

Countertop water filters vs whole house water filters

Another main question that probably hit so many minds is whether a countertop filter is better than a whole house water filter. What do you think? What is the difference between the two of them?

Let’s help you a bit by discussing a few of the main elements/differences between these two types of filters below:

  • Location of Installation

Countertop filters are rather installed just under the sink area for extra use. Some of the models can even be placed closer to the entry point. This is the point from where the water will enter inside the house pipeline system.

Due to the bigger size, the installation of the whole house filter is a little complex. This is also because the water supply process is ceased during the installation of the whole house filter.

  • Size and filter capacity

As the filter capacity is concerned, the countertop normally has a larger capacity. A larger and strong sink filter can easily survive for long years. They normally can filter up to 50,000 gallons of water. This also brings a higher level of pureness.

On the contrary, whole house filters have the largest capacity for all the residential water filters. The whole house period will last for a maximum of 6 months. Few of the whole house filter models will survive for a maximum of 10 years. They can process a million gallons of water.

  • Method of filteration

Countertop water filters are generally used for cooking and drinking purposes. They are helpful in removing sediments, chemicals, and heavy metals. An under-sink water filter is included with numerous cartridges. Possibly one cartridge has various sentiment filter layers with activated carbon or carbon block filters.

Mechanical filtration is even applied over the whole-house filters. For daily uses, they have to process a wide variety of water. It does not involve strong filtration methods as they are cost-inefficient.

Installation of Countertop Water Filter

The whole process of installing a countertop water filter is extremely easy. It involves the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to locate your filter at some convenient location. It should be at a certain distance from the kitchen sink faucet. Some of the units are just designed for cold water use only. The use of warm water will cause irreversible damage.
  2. Now remove off the aerator through the end of your faucet. You have to install your water filter here instead.
  3. If the faucet is available with a washer and adapter, then make sure you screw them off into a faucet and hand-tighten. The washer needs to be fitted within a standard faucet.
  4. Now you have to attach the diverter valve towards your faucet. Twist it around for tightening it. Make sure that the gasket has been securely positioned just in between the diverter valve as well as the faucet.
  5. Now rotate the diverter valve so you are sure that it is pointing in the appropriate direction.
  6. Turn on the water. Like normal water, it will pass through the faucet.
  7. Next, you have to turn the handle on the diverter valve. This will let the water flow from your faucet through your filter.
  8. For at least 5 minutes, you should allow the water to run through the water to flush off all sorts of contaminants. You can use wastewater for watering plants or even feeding to your pets.
  9. Also, you can stop the water flow by simply turning off the faucet. You can also switch off the diverter valve back as it was in the starting position. Now the system is ready as regular drinking water.

Maintenance of Countertop Water Filter

For proper maintenance of the countertop water filter, you need to follow few important guidelines, which we are about to discuss below with you:

  • Before you buy any new filter, make sure it is fully compatible with your filtration system. You should never use a filter that is from the same model or brand. As the vendor if the system is compatible or not.
  • It is an excellent idea to purchase the filters needed for the annual maintenance of your filter system. This is because the quality of tap water will somehow change, after which you have to replace your filters. In case you have stocked up on spare filters, you have to manage the unplanned filter changes easily.
  • Make sure you do not store your filters in a moist or hot environment. This will damage the entire working system of your filter. You have to observe the storage conditions as it has been mentioned on the entire packaging of your cartridges. Try to store filters in their original packaging.
  • UV lamps and Ceramic filter candles are known to be the most sensitive filters. So make sure you do not chip or break them. Hence, it would help if you also prevented dropping the rest of the filters.
  • Once you have replaced your old filters, you have to make sure they are disposed of correctly. Never reuse them again and replace them carefully.
  • As you have replaced the filter, make sure you monitor its performance on a daily basis. Keep a close eye on the filtered water quality and if it is filtering the water accurately or not.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Do countertop water filter work?

Well, these countertop water filters are simple, but at the same time, they are effective as well. They do not enough time for the installation. Being portable, you can easily move them from one place to another. This will divert the water from the sink faucet through the small tube to the water filter housing. Inside the housing, you will find a replaceable filter cartridge.

2. How often should you change the water filter?

A general rule of thumb to change the water filter is after every 40 gallons or two months. But still, your replacement will be based on various factors. This includes water consumption of household or brand/unit of filtration system.

3. Can you connect the water filter device to more than one faucet?

No, not at all! These countertop water filters are best to be used with just one faucet. You can move it quickly and install it according to your needs.

4. Is it easy for the bacteria to grow inside the faucet water filter?

As the filter has improved the overall quality of water running out of faucets, it is evident that the bacteria can easily grow in the faucet itself. For this sake, it is important to flush off the water for at least 20 seconds before you turn on the filter. Your water filter will start working in the next 10 seconds.

5. Do I need a big countertop to install the water filter?

No! Modern countertop filters are extremely compact and lightweight. You can easily fit them into the space around the sink without asking for any extra space.


No doubt that choosing the excellent quality of the filter will prolong your whole life. Healthy and clean water will strengthen your immune system and make you look healthy. And this is merely possible if you will choose the best water filter. Always look for the best countertop water filter which provides you with unclean and dirty water for drinking purposes.

We have compiled a complete guide for you to know the basics of working with countertop water filter and how you can use it. Pick a reliable and long-lasting water filter right now!

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