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Are you all set to buy Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System? Is it possible to replace your bottled water purchases with the Brita On Tap faucet filter?

Yes, you can!

The Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System will help you get your water out of 60 impurities. This includes lead, sediment, or various chemicals. At the same time, it even improves the water aesthetics, particularly the taste, just by reducing the amount of chlorine. In this way, you are not just getting safe and clean water but also enjoying tasty drinking water for your family.

Do you want to know what is so special about this water filter system that makes it different from other filter models? If yes, then you are in the right place. Talking about Brita, they market their water filter to provide healthy drinking water.

Let’s get into a more deep discussion about Brita faucet water filter features, installation, maintenance, and pros cons.


Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is an advanced faucet water filter available with the filter change reminder. This filter unit is suited to get fitted as the standard kitchen sink faucets. Hence, you will have a convenient and easy way to filter your water. No installation tools are required for mounting the filter unit.

This amazing faucet water filter can get rid of 60 harmful chemicals from your tap water. Plus, it even provides more than 100 gallons of filtered tap water which you can use for three long months.

Besides, the filter is also having an additional later to trap some large sediment. This will enable the filter to work extra effectively for a longer period.

Specifications of  Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter

  • Capacity is 100 gallons with four months of average lifespan
  • Has a Filtered/unfiltered water switch
  • Not safe for hot water use
  • Compatibility with most standard faucets (includes adapters)
  • The finishing color is white
  • Contaminants removed are Microbial cysts, chlorine, heavy metals, organic chemicals, sediment, and rust.
  • Contaminants not removed are Bacteria, viruses, some chemicals, chloramines, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Filtering Performance

This filter system unit is available with two major certifications. This includes:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53

This certification clarifies that the filter is capable to remove harmful substances which are affecting health. There are millions of impurities that the filter can remove. It even reduces chemicals such as Benzene, Trichloroethylene, and VOCs.

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42

This certifies the fact that the filter can easily remove substances that somehow affect water aesthetics i.e. taste and smell. This includes chlorine as well as particulates/sediment.

In between both of these two standards, the Brita filter can effortlessly remove 60 impurities to offer you cleaner and better-tasting water. Here we would like to mention that this filter does not eliminate Chloramines.

Important Features of Filter

  • Filter Unit

The main filter unit will enable the filter to stay hold in one place. This will protect the unit from dust or outside air particles. With the help of a status indicator, you will get an alert about when the filter needs a replacement.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

The Brita faucet filter is completely BPA-free and can filter almost three months-worth of tap water. This will also reduce the appearance of lead, chlorine, and asbestos. You can change it by removing the original filter housing and fitting a new filter in its place.

  • Filter adapters

For the non-standard faucets, the Brita basic faucet filter is available with a range of adapters for easily connecting the system with the unit. In this way, users will be able to attach the filters successfully without any hassle.

  • Filter Life Indicator

This Brita water filter is available with the convenient indicator with which you will get to know about when you have to replace the cartridge. Hence, this indicator is a small flashing light located on the base of your filter housing.

If your filter is in great condition, it will flash in green color. But if the filter has just 20 gallons of water remained in it, the indicator will flash in amber color. It is suggested to replace the filter on an early basis. For the replacement, the indicator will flash in red color.

  • Three Water Flow Options

The majority of the faucet filter is available with a switch or lever to change in between the filtered and unfiltered water. In this way, the filtered water will pop out of the filter out whereas the unfiltered stream will come out from the tap. 

The Brita faucet filter has an additional set of unfiltered water sprays. In this water setting, the flow of water is a lot powerful and faster. It works great for washing utensils.

Installation of Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

The installation process of this filter unit is just a 10-minute job. All you have to do is remove the aerator from the faucet and attach your filter with it.

This Brita filter is compatible with most of the standard faucets. It is just not easy to work with sprayers and pull-out faucets. As soon as you remove off the aerator, you have to check whether its faucet threads are inside or outside the filter unit. If they are outside, you should go ahead and have your filter attached directly to the faucet.

But if they are inside, then you should choose the accurate adapter and washer. You have to get it fit onto your faucet and then attach it with a filter. When you are attaching it with the filter, avoid tightening it too much. This might damage the threading and the plastic connector which they have used.

Finish the installation by inserting the cartridge into the filter. To check whether it works accurately or not, run the water through the filter unit for a few seconds. This will flush out all carbon fines. This is how your Brita filter is ready to be used. Once it starts working, the filter will flash a green light indicator.

Filter Maintenance​​​​

To avoid having your filter gets any damage, you should never run hot water through it. For using hot water, you have to turn the filter flow selector to at least one of the two unfiltered water positions. This can be either or spray.

The lifespan of this filter is of 4 months which might vary based on the water filtration and your daily use. You should keep on checking the filter indicator to figure out when you should be replacing the cartridge. Once it starts flashing in amber, it’s the right time to get a new one.

If it turns red, then it means you are drinking unfiltered water. You should be replacing the cartridge as soon as possible, which is quite simple. By turning the water off, you have to press the release button and then pull the cartridge up for easily removing it. After the replacement, flush the new cartridge for few minutes.

Pros & Cons


  • Keeps your family away from all types of contaminants in your tap water
  • Improves the smell and taste of water
  • Easy in installation and maintenance
  • Available in Three spray options
  • It offers a Filter life indicator


  • The plastic connector might break easily.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Is Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System suitable for well water?

No! The activated carbon filters do not filter the contaminants found inside the well water. This aspect is common with most faucet water filters.

2. How can you clean Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System?

You can clean this unit with a damp sponge and washing soap. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners such as bleach or harsh scrubbers. They can hence damage the whole unit material.

3. How can you get the stuck filter out of the unit?

To let the filter cartridge gets out from the unit, you are hence offered the release button. You have to press the button while lifting.

4. Does Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System include the first filter?

Yes, this filter unit is available with the filter. For continuous use, you have to purchase additional filters.

5. How long does a Brita faucet filter last?

It will last for maximum four months or 100 gallons.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a water filter unit, which is affordable and easy to work with, then choosing Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is the ideal option. It has an excellent filtering performance which is worth talking about.

As the size is concerned, it can eliminate more contaminants than you would expect despite being small in size. Its easy installation process is a major plus point. In just 10 minutes, you are all ready to use the filter. Style-wise, it has stylish chrome finishing, which matches best with your kitchen decor.

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