Brita Tap Water Filter System Review: Features, Specs & Performance

Brita brand has been marketing its water filters as a way towards healthy drinking water. At the same time, they are also conversing with the environment by cutting down bottled water use. And one such perfect example is the use of the Brita Tap Water Filter System.

Is it easy to replace your bottled water purchases with the Brita Tap faucet filter system? Well, its simple answer is “YES, YOU CAN.”

Brita Tap Water Filter System has the capacity where it can remove more than 60 contaminants from water. This includes lead, asbestos, or sediment, and different other chemicals.

Also, it will improve your water aesthetics, particularly the taste, by decreasing the chlorine quantity. In this way, you will be able to get safe, as well as clean tasting water for your family members.

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Brita faucet water filtration system is providing around 600 liters of pure, healthy water on customer demand. This is done by using advanced 3 stage filtration technology. Its hollow fiber membrane will hence remove almost 99.99% of bacteria, or micro-plastics and hormones.

This Brita Tap Water Filter System has ion-exchange fiber, significantly reducing heavy metals, including lead. But at the same time, it will retain healthy minerals, including magnesium and calcium.

Its organic coconut-based activated carbon is extremely helpful to remove chlorine, as well as pesticides. It even removes off herbicides and a few other tastes impairing impurities. The selector lever of this filter system is divided into 3 different output settings. This includes fast flowing filtered water and unfiltered water. The third level is an additional spray function. These 3 settings are ideal for washing veggies.

Moreover, it also features a real-time digital countdown display with which you can indicate the remaining filter lifetime in liters. Its 5 adapters confirm that the filter unit can easily be fitted into all sorts of standard tap heads.

Its installation process is extremely easy where you don’t need to use any tools or machinery.

Brita Tap Water Filter System

Brita Tap Water Filter System Design

There are 3 different models of faucet filtration available in Brita. All the models share a similar filtration cartridge. They can easily switch between unfiltered or filtered water by using a knob located on the filter.

Brita faucet water filter system is available with the white BPA free plastic durable body. It is completely different from other Brita models due to its additional flow type option. With this feature, it will spray unfiltered water inside this faucet filter.

All 3 Brita models are available with the filter lifespan indicator.

Brita Tap Water Filter System Performance 

Brita Tap Water Filter System has two different important certifications discussed below:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 53: 

This certification guarantees that the filter is capable enough to remove substances that are harmful to health. It can remove dozens of impurities such as 99% of asbestos as well as lead. Though, it can also reduce chemicals such as Benzene, or Trichloroethylene, and VOCs.

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42: 

This certification ensures that the water filter can remove all those substances. This will probably affect water aesthetics, such as taste and smell. This includes chlorine or particulates/sediment.

Between these two standards, the Brita filter can hence easily remove off 60 contaminants. This will make the water healthy and safe for your family. It simply provides you a better tasting water quality.

Are you not in favor of spending enough money on bottled water or filling landfills with plastic? If yes, then we will highly recommend you to buy a Brita Tap faucet water filter.

Note: It does not remove chloramines. Before you choose to order it, check out which disinfectant your city uses. This will include either chlorine or chloramine. If it is Chloramine, then this filter is not helpful for you. It is just designed to reduce Chlorine.

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Brita Tap Water Filter System Installation 

Now we will talk about Brita tap water filter system installation! The whole process of installation is extremely easy. In just 10 minutes, you can perform your installation process. You have to remove the aerator on the faucet. Later on, please attach it to your filter.

This Brita filter is compatible with most of the standard faucets. But it cannot work with pull out faucets and sprayer.

As you remove the aerator, make sure that the faucet threads are either inside or outside. If they are outside, you can go ahead and attach your filter. Make sure you attach it directly with the faucet. 

But if they are inside, you have to choose the right adapter & washer from the package. It would help if you let them get fitted onto the faucet. After it, you have to attach the filter.

At the time of filter attachment, do not try to tighten it over. This is because it can damage the plastic connector and threading they have used. You can hence finish by simply inserting the cartridge right into the filter. To flush off all carbon fines, run water through the water filter for a few minutes.

This is how your Brita filter will be ready to use. Flashing green light will show you filter life indicator.

Brita Tap Water Filter System Maintenance

Do you want to let the water filter system stay with you for long years? If yes, then it is extremely important to take care of it. For that sake, you have to follow some maintenance tips. You should never run hot water through it. If you want to use hot water, make sure you first turn the flow selector. You have to turn it to one of the two unfiltered water positions, i.e., spray or stream.

The lifespan of this filter is 4 months. This can hence vary based on how much filter water you have used. You should keep a strong check on the filter indicator. This is much needed to figure out when you have to replace the cartridge.

If it starts to flash in amber color, this is the right time to change it. It also gives you a red alert indicator. This indicator means that you are about to drink unfiltered water.

It is extremely easy to replace the cartridge. As the water turned off, you have to press the release button. Next, pull the cartridge up to remove it.

You have to flush the new cartridge just for a few minutes after its replacement. It will also improve your water aesthetics. This is particularly in the taste by decreasing the chlorine quantity.

Brita Tap Water Filter System Specifications

  • Capacity: 100 gallons (4 months of average lifespan)
  • Filtered or unfiltered water switch: yes
  • Safe for hot water use: no
  • Compatibility: most of the standard faucets with adapters
  • Finish: white design
  • Contaminants removed: Microbial cysts, or chlorine, some basic heavy metals, organic chemicals, or sediment and rust.
  • Contaminants not removed: Bacteria, or viruses, some basic chemicals, or chloramines and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Pros & Cons


  • Offers healthy drinking water safe for your family members
  • Improves the smell and taste of water
  • Easy installation
  • Three various spray options
  • Has a Filter life indicator


  • The plastic connector might break easily

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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Do Brita water filters fit all types of faucets?

One filter can replace almost 750 standard 16.9 oz plastic water bottles. This is done by reducing waste or cost. Brita Faucet Water Filter Systems can fit just standard faucets. These units will never fit pull-out or spray style faucets.

2. For how long time does a Brita filter last?

It can survive for a maximum of two months. For greater performance, it is important to change your filter regularly. As soon as the water flows to 40 gallons, it would help if you instantly changed it. Users with hard water should replace more frequently.

3. When should you replace your Brita faucet filter?

  • Brita® Standard (White) Filter after every 40 gallons around 2 months
  • 2nd is Brita® Longlast® (Blue) Filter after every 120 gallons around 6 months
  • 3rd is Brita® Stream® (Gray) Filter after every 40 gallons around 2 months

4. Can you reuse Brita water filters?

Brita water filters are capable enough to sanitize and clean drinking water. They furthermore function by slowly passing the water through the activated carbon chamber. Its disposable pitchers hence perform a single filter cartridge. This can be reused all over again.

Final Verdict

This is an end of a Brita tap water filter system review! It is beneficial for all those users who have been looking forward to buying it. No doubt this is the affordable and best quality water filter model.

As compared to other Brita filter models, the Brita Tap Water Filter System price is a little high. But that is just due to extra filters available for you to save you from replacement trouble. You will, all in all, appreciate the whole performance of the filtration through this faucet system.

It hence removes all sorts of contaminants that you might not have expected to be removed easily. Its easy installation is its plus point. This can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Style-wise it is modernly designed with chrome finishing. This goes best following your kitchen décor. You will hence love the all-white finish on the Brita filter. It blends all seamlessly into the kitchen.

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