Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Review (Updated 2021)

If you are looking for an extremely stylish and durable faucet water filter, then you are at the right place. Here we are presenting you with a beast in the market with some outstanding features! Yes, we are talking about Engdenton faucet water filter. This water filter is the perfect option for your house kitchen.

So many people have liked this water filter due to its advanced features and smooth working system. It is indeed known to be one of the best and excellent quality water faucets that you would find easily on the market. 

With Engdenton’s name and high-quality, you are sure to get the reliable and the most advanced outcome that would 100% get you the best result.

According to people, this filter is offering them proper cleaning and water filtering to make it drinkable easily. Plus, its shape and design are other attractive features that will add to your kitchen with an inspiring outlook. 

Apart from that, a sturdy and reliable body ultimately makes it look unique and separate from other filter models available in the market. It is an outstanding choice, especially if in case you are thinking about some wide and long-term advantages from it.

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The Engdenton Faucet Water Filter is one such reliable filtration system which certifies to remove almost 99% lead as well as 70 more contaminants from water.

The actual and the real selling point of this filter has been its durable stainless steel exterior. This will enable the filter to blend itself perfectly with filters made up of plastic material. Also, the steel design is leak-proof and durable for a long resistance. 

Through the use of Engdenton filter, you can enjoy 8 cups of water in 1 minute. This is all because of the fast flow rate. Its installation process is rapid and easy. You don’t need to use any tools to assemble the whole filter. 

This filter has a maximum life span of 6 months. Any typical filter can survive for just three months. But in actual terms, the overall lifespan will depend upon how much water you are using. 

Important Features of Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

  • Filter Housing of Stainless Steel 

The filter housing of this model is durable and tough. It is suitably matched to cover all your kitchen faucet needs without giving any odd look. This will also enable the filter to stay in one place and the correct position. 

  • BY-SA-055C filter cartridge

It has a maximum life span of 6 months where its cartridge can effectively reduce more than 70 contaminants from clean drinking water. Here we would like to mention that it does not remove TDS. You can replace it after six months.

  • Faucet adapters

This Engdenton faucet water filter model is available with different faucet adapters to get itself fitted into the system of a standard faucet. You can contact a manufacturer directly. Also you can check out their filter faucet main guidelines to get an idea of whether it fits your needs or not. 

  • 360 Degree Turn

This faucet can be used to make sure that you wash every inch of the washbasin as well as the dishes, can be cleaned besides any issue. The 360-degree turn makes sure that you get the pleasant cleansing and the closing pride that your words are being cleaned without any lengthen and issue.

  • Improved Flavor

It is also required to mention that the flavour is overall drastically changed as soon as the water passes through the faucet. The filter will make sure that you do get a healthy and clean drinking taste as well as purification which is guaranteed. 

Through the use of this faucet, you are just sure to get the ultimate experience of water drinking that you want. The improved flavor even means that the water is 100% free of all contaminations as well as harmful substances.

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Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Installation

As we have already mentioned that the whole process of installation is relatively easy and does not require the use of any machinery or tools. 

Before you start to install the Engdenton faucet water filter stainless steel, first of all, you have to unscrew the cap on top of the filter housing. Now take out the filter and then remove the wrap. Later on, you have to insert the cartridge all tightly into the base and then screw the cap back in its place over it. 

You have to remove the aerator from your main faucet, and then determine to know that whether your faucet is internal or external-threaded.

Most of the externally threaded faucets will match the Engdenton system. But when it comes to the internally threaded faucets, you have to use provided adapters. At the end of the faucet, you have to screw the faucet in one place.

Before you start using it, flush it first for at least 1 minute. 

Performance of Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

This Engdenton filter is one of the better-performing faucet filters on the market, and that comes down to its speed at producing filtered water. There is no want to wait for your water when you are thirsty, as it will come out of the filter at actually the same speed as it comes out of your faucet.

Performance of Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

The producer claims that their faucet water filter can produce eight cups of water per minute, which is pretty impressive. Of course, when the filter wishes to change, water will depart the unit at a slower rate. However, you can get to the bottom of this at once by using changing it with a new filter.

With certifications to remove to 99% of lead, plus reduce almost to 70 different contaminants, the Engdenton performs in a similar model to different faucet filters reachable on the market. But apart from it, the whole unit is highly durable. 

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter Maintenance

The Engdenton filter is yet made of stainless steel, which makes it so durable and sturdy. It is long-lasting to use as compared to plastic filters. 

The best thing about maintaining this filter is that it lasts for a maximum of 6 months, so you will only need to change your filter twice or three times a year.

This durability will eliminate the filter’s overall potential over leakage, and you will enjoy using this filter for a long time. But still, there will be a need to change the filter, which is common in all the ordinary faucet filters.

Filter Info

The Engdenton faucet water filter makes the use of PAC-tech in its all filters with which it can remove chlorine, and water sediment. This will improve the whole water taste significantly. 

The whole working system of this filter has been backed by science which is activated by the carbon filter which the system has been using. Its cartridge can effectively reduce more than 70 contaminants from clean drinking water.

Activated carbon will not be removing TDS, but it can easily filter out chlorine as well as VOCs by fully trapping these contaminants within the filter pores by leaving only the smaller water particles to pass through hence.

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-layered system of filter for clean water
  • Certified in removing 99.9% of germs
  • Has a pH level of 7.5.
  • An Alkaline Re-mineralization filter will restore healthy minerals and brings


  • You cannot get enough information about PAC-tech yet
  • No proof of NSF certification
  • Lacking filter change indicator light

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. How many filters are available with this unit?

It is just available with one filter which you can easily locate inside the filter housing. You can also purchase more filters through the manufacturer.

2. Does this filter also reduce TDS?

Not at this moment! It is just the reverse osmosis systems that can reduce. There are no such faucet filter models that can do this job much effectively.

3. How you can know when you have to change the filter?

As the filter will be clogged up, the flow of water will decrease. You cannot found any filter change indicator light. So make sure you keep an eye on the filter working changes so get an idea about its replacement. 

4. Does the filter model remove water cloudiness?

You can avail the use of this filter for the cloudy water as the overall polypropylene stage of filter should also remove sand, or dust, rust as well as another sediment. They are accountable to cause certain cloudiness in the water. 

5. Are faucet adapters made out of metal?

Yes, there are somehow no such plastic components inside this filtration system.

Final Verdict

This was an end of the discussion about Engdenton faucet water filter and how this filter is efficient to provide you clean and healthy water. However, it has some benefits, which makes it completely different from other filter models.

But somehow they do have some drawbacks as well which might resist the retailers to buy it. But overall, it is durable, easy to work with, quick in installation, and has a long lifespan. 

Are you ready to buy it?

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