How does the PUR Water Filter Light Work – Quick & Easy Guide

Among various appliances that I found, the best one for this task is the PUR water filter. It is one such ideal and unique filtration equipment that includes a feature of the light indicator. When using this water filter, you should look for the light where it tells you whether you are drinking safe water or not. So, how does the PUR water filter light work? Let’s explain your answer in detail right through this article.

No doubt water is essential for our survival. But not all water types are fit for consumption. Faucet water is rich in contaminant, which is a significant threat to your family’s health. Therefore, you should have access to safe and healthy drinking water, which is possible by using a best faucet water filter.

What is the Meaning of PUR Water Filter Indicator Light?

The reason why you are installing a PUR water filter in your house is generally that you want your kids to drink healthy and clean water. Filter helps the water to get cleaned with all sorts of dirt, contaminants or debris. But as we all know, a filter has a lifespan. And when it reaches its lifespan, you have to replace it instantly.

Most of the housemakers even choose to replace it when it gets filled with dirt. According to PUR, you should be replacing the filter at least after 3 months to improve the filter efficiency. But the replacement of the filter is entirely dependent on the water quality within the locality.

PUR has always designed the filter models by keeping in mind the satisfaction of its customers. If you’re going to replace your filter, you don’t have to mark your calendars at all.

Well, the PUR water filter light indicator informs you when you need to carry out a replacement. Light will change its color based on the filter condition. Read out below to know what is the actual meaning and purpose of each color indicator.

Green Light

If you see a green indicator on your filter, it means a filter wants to tell you that they are functioning correctly. There is no need to worry about keeping a check on the filter to show light green color. Until and unless it is green, it means that the water passing through the filter is safe. It is 100% clean for drinking.

Even if you replace the old filter, you will find that the light has turned green. The green light might start blinking, but you don’t need to worry about it. As you begin using the filter for the first time, the green light will blink on and off. This will happen at least 6 times.

Yellow light

Next comes yellow light! If you use your filter for a few months, then the light indicator will start blinking into yellow color. This color means that the filter is working correctly!

Yellow color generally pops up after filtering more than 100 gallons of water. This filtration amount may fluctuate based on the contaminants in your water.

As the light turns yellow, this probably means that the filter has reached near to the lifespan. This will also make you learn that the replacement of the filter is near. You should replace your filter to avoid consuming contaminated water.

Red light

The last indicator is red, which alert you to stop drinking water because it is thoroughly contaminated now! Even in the traffic lights, the red indicator means to stop your car. Hence if the light of your water purification system flashes red, then you should not use it. You should make a replacement immediately.

This red indicator will be visible on your PUR filter when it purifies with more than 100 gallons of water. In case you ignore it, then definitely you can risk your health by consuming unhealthy water. So make sure you do an instant replacement.

What to do if PUR Water Filter Light is not working?

The issue of PUR water filter light not working is common and many people do not know how to deal with it alone.

An indicator light that is available on your PUR filter is known as a timer. This generally means that lights are not automatically connected with your filter. It is working just through the access of the timer. They are merely telling you when the filter is working correctly and when you should stop using it.

LED light is a helpful reminder. But with the true indicator for the filter replacement, you can understand the actual flow of water. PUR water filters are having a life capacity of almost two to three months or even 100 gallons.

You should replace the filter after 3 months maximum to keep yourself away from polluted water. After 3 months, the filter will display red light. This is to alert you that you are drinking dirty water and it’s time to replace the machine.

How to reset the PUR water filter light?

If you want to know how to reset the PUR water filter light, then we have a step by step guide for you to follow:

Step 1: As the filter flashes red light, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Now press the “reset” button and then hold it for 5 seconds. The light needs to turn green.

Although the resetting of the filter light is possible in just 2 steps! Still, the actual problem takes place when the light gets stuck in one place and does not change its color. If you get into the same situation, follow the steps below:

  1. Rinse the whole filter housing off.
  2. Let it get air dry, and then install everything back again.
  3. Just hold the reset button for a maximum 5 seconds.


If you have a water filter, you generally notice the flash of indicator lights on the filter. The light indicator changes itself between three color options. These are red, green, and yellow, which we have discussed in detail above.

If you find any issues dealing with PUR water filter lights, check out some helpful PUR water filter troubleshooting guides.

Never ignore the importance of indicator lights! They are the ones who alert you regarding safe drinking water and contaminated ones.

What indicator color light does your PUR water filter flash?

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