Quick Instructions on How to Install PUR Water Filter on Pull out Faucet

If you have a poor quality of tap water in your house, then probably installing a proper water filtration system is an uneasy task for you. Do you want to know how to install PUR water filter on pull out faucet?

As for the choice of water filters, you are left with countless options to choose from. During the selection of a water filter on your pull-out faucet, there are few elements that you need to pay attention to. This will include faucet design and water filter specifications.

In many households, you will witness installing pull out faucets inside the kitchen areas. This is because of the convenience and eases it offers.

With the help of a water filtration system, you can wash your dishes easily, clean your vegetables, clear all the debris, and dust out of your sink.

Right through this article, we will be explaining complete information about how you can easily install a PUR water filter on pull out faucet.

Is it Possible to Easily Learn How to Install PUR Water Filter on Pullout Faucet?

You probably not be able to easily install a PUR water filter on pull out faucet due to space issues. Its attached pipe is not having enough space for the installation of a filter. Plus, it cannot carry maximum weight.

Pull out faucet is perfect to use for cleaning dishes. But for that sake, you have to install a separate faucet with a water filter.

You do have a choice where you can either install any full-fledged system with the Reverse Osmosis membrane or any simple cartridge filtration system. Hence you can later on make it get connected with a new faucet. You can even use a faucet filter. This needs to be attached to a standard filter.

PUR is offering premium quality faucet filters for this purpose.

Do you need a Separate Filter for a Whole House Filtration System?

If in case you are having a whole house filtration system, then there is no need to acquire a separate filter over the pull-out faucet. Once they are filtered and 100% clean, the water will come to your tap automatically.

Plus, you can also choose to install an under-sink PUR advanced faucet filtration system which you can connect to your water supply under the sink. This will help you to get 100% pure and healthy water inside your pull out faucet.

How you can Install a PUR water filter on pull out faucet?

  • Step No 1: Remove the Aerator

Almost all the kitchen sink faucets are having an aerator. This aerator is round in shape which is found at the end of the faucet. If the screws are on and off, you have to firstly remove the aerator. This will help you to figure out whether if the faucet will need the adapter or not.

The filter needs to get fit upon into the faucet in an accurate size. If not, then the PUR kit is available with different threaded adapters to make sure that the faucet and filter are capable enough to work together.

  • Step No 2: Locate Rubber Gasket on Adapter

As you have finally identified your real adapter, you have to locate the suitably sized rubber gasket on or into the adapter. This will be available for you along with the kit. Now you have to screw the side of the adapter into the end of the faucet.

Now as finally the pull-out faucet adapter for water filter has been position upon in one place, you have to assemble it into the filter unit. This will involve taking off the top of your filter unit and removing off the packaging from the filter itself. You can have it placed into a filtration unit.

Screw off the filter top unit back manually once you will feel that the filter is back in its place and has been properly aligned.

  • Step No 3: Locate the Filter Unit on Adapter

Once you have assemble it, the filter unit has to be just clicked at one place over the adapter. You have to push it until you do not hear the sound of a click. This sound means that the filtration unit has been secured over the installation. To activate the filtration, you have to push a button.

  • Step No 4: Run Cold Water through the Filter

Once you have placed the filtration unit in one place, you have to run the cold water all through the filter for a maximum of 5 minutes. Once you have flush it, the filter will be ready to use.

Most of the models are display upon with the light where the flash will let you know about the remaining life of the filter. Green is for good, yellow for nearing the end of its life and last, red is for replacement.

  • Step No 5: Look for the Right Fitting

Most of the time through the older faucets, it becomes so much hard to fit the adapter over the existing threaded end of any faucet! PUR will never offer any extra fittings. But you can purchase it by placing your order on the company’s official website.

You might experience some leakage over the areas of connection point which will waste enough water. If this happens with you as well then you should keep a check on your rubber gasket. Make sure that it is not crack up, or in damaging state. If it is, then you should replace it instantly.

PUR classic faucet filtration system can survive for a maximum of 2 years. It is an effective and affordable way with which you can improve your drinking quality.

Bottom Line

This is the end of the discussion over how to install PUR water filter on pull-out faucet!

To sum up, it is extremely easy and simple to install a PUR water filter if in case you have accurate instructions and guidelines for the installation. To make it possible successfully, it is enough to require following some basic steps and a little consciousness.

Overall, you need to be a little aware of what you want to do before you start doing it. We are sure that our above-mentioned steps guidelines will make the whole process as easy for you as it is expected.

So don’t waste more of your time and install your PUR filter now!

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