How to Recycle Water Filters – Used Water Filter Recycling

Do you want to know how to recycle water filters? We all know water filters are an incredible way to drink clean and 100% safe water free from all contaminants. Tap water treated at a plant is filled with harmful chemicals or bacteria, which can be dangerous for a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, you will see a variety of home filtration systems available in the market with which you can easily remove harmful chemicals from your drinking water.

But water filters never promise to stay long-lasting with you! If you have to purchase a new one, it deserves the most if you did not give the older one the care and maintenance. Now you might be thinking about what you can do with the filter system whose survival time is about to end.

Are you thinking of throwing it away in the trash? Hold on to your thought for a second!

Before you dispose of your old water filter, please read this guide below, where we are letting you know about all the basic steps on how to recycle water filters. Let’s dive into the discussion below!

What is the average lifespan of a water filter cartridge?

To figure out when your water filter cartridge gets old, you should have basic know-how about its average lifespan. Telling you a bit about it, most water filter cartridge models have a 6-12 months lifespan.

But primarily, the average lifespan is based on the model and the making of the filter you are purchasing. It even depends on the quality of tap water. If the tap water is high in harmful contaminants, you have to replace the water filter frequently.

Is it Possible to Recycle Refrigerator Water Filters?

The process of recycling refrigerator water filters is similar to what you ordinary do with the rest of the water filters. Their cartridges can often grow with bacteria, and it would result in low-quality water.

It is recommended to get in touch with the company of that water filter and see if they offer any recycling program. If not, you should pick some alternative brands available with the recycling program to solve much of your hassle.

According to us, GE Appliances is one such brand available with the recycling program, but they don’t offer it now!

How can you recycle Water Filter Pitcher or a Jug?

We all know that jugs are made up of plastic, and based on plastic material, you have to go for the recycling process of jugs. Plastics are numbered from 1-7. See what numbering your jug is standing at. If it is 1, 2, or 4, then it is incredible to start its recycling. You are lucky!

Type three is not possible to do recycling with. If you are still in doubt, you should contact the manufacturers, inform them about your jug number, and make some suggestions about its recycling.

How can you Recycle EverPure Filters?

When we talk about a top leading brand for producing the best water filter models, then choosing EverPure is one such brand that is excellent to pick. This company is renowned for making the whole recycling process a bit easier.

This company has cartridges, which are made up of aluminum as well as plastic. These two materials help make the process of recycling to be a lot easier. You can contact the EverPure Company to see what kind of recycling processes they offer and under what quantity of cartridges.

What plastic number does Filtrate Use for filter recycling?

Filtrate makes use of #2 plastic which is easy to get recycle. This is the same plastic that you can generally use for making the standard milk jugs.

If you want to recycle it, you have to first separate the filter from plastic by simply rotating it from the top. Remove the filtration material which is inside it and recycle all the plastic parts together.

How Mavea Recycles the water filters?

Mavea is another highly recommended brand that is excellent in producing the best quality of water filter cartridges. But this brand is also known for offering recycling programs as well. They recycle the filter by breaking it down and use those broken parts for creating a brand new one.

This company will also review all your basic municipal regulations to see if you can easily recycle the water filter with some household recycling approaches or not. Most of the municipalities even allow the recycling of water filter cartridges through households.

How to Recycle Brita Water Filters?

Recycling the Brita water filter is also a straightforward approach if you take some assistance from their recycling programs. You have to dry all used filters and remove the excess water out of them. Let it get dry for a maximum of three days.

Once you feel you have enough filters, you have to wrap them in a recycling bag and pack it in a box. Brita uses recycled products to create some products of razor handles, cutting boards, or toothbrushes.

Can you recycle water filters yourself?

Not really! It is a bad idea if you do not have basic knowledge about recycling the water filter cartridges. Hence, take some guidance from manufacturing companies and see how they recycle with some household approaches.


We hope that with this comprehensive guide on how to recycle water filters, you will gain a lot of information about how recycling water filter is helpful for the environment.

No doubt that a filtration system is an excellent approach for reducing the carbon footprint. Obviously, by investing in a good water filter, you are reducing the chances of investing in plastic bottles.

Remember that not recycling the water filters and throwing it away in trash will contribute to high environmental waste pollution. Think about it!

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