How to Remove PUR Water Filter from Faucet – Step by Step Guide

As we talk about the PUR water filter, it is considered one of the most helpful and imperative products that are accountable for the purification of tap water.  It can remove off 99% of common germs or containments without giving you any hassle.  But at the same time, they will not last for a long time.  Do you want to know how to remove PUR water filter from faucet?

To guide you a bit about it, we are here for your rescue! This blog will guide you about how you can properly remove the PUR filter from your faucet in just a few minutes. To provide your family with clean and purified water, it is essential to replace and remove the faucet’s PUR water filter on a regular basis.

Step by Step Guide to Remove PUR Filter from Faucet

Removal of PUR water filter from the faucet is not an easy task at all. As a newbie, it’s good to hire a professional technician who can better guide you and help you with the removal task.

In the beginning, removing the PUR faucet filter might come across as an overwhelming process, but in fact, it is quite simple and straightforward. To make it possible for yourself, follow the below-mentioned step by step guide:

Step 1: Remove PUR Filtration System from Faucet

Firstly, you have to remove the PUR water filter adapter system out of the faucet. This can be done so easily by turning the filter threaded mounting nut in the clockwise direction.  To open the canister, you have to twist the housing cap on the top.  You have to perform this step over the sink because possibly the water leaking can happen.

Step 2: Hold the Top Side Up

Now remove off the new PUR water filter sink adapter out of the packaging and let it hold over the top side up.  For your convenience, the top side is marked with the “top” sign. Now you have to insert the new filter right inside the canister.

Step 3: Screw down Housing Cap

Screw down the housing cap over the back on. Go gentle while screwing the housing cap and screw it tightly. Flush off the filter for at least 10 seconds. You have to run the normal pressure of water over the filter top. Allow it to get air dry.

Step 4: Reattach the Canister towards Faucet

In the next step, you have to reattach the canister towards the faucet in just one click. Now turn the threading mounting nut in the opposite direction as in counter-clockwise rotation.

Step 5: Let the Water Flow through Filter

Now allow the water to start its flow through the filter for almost 5 minutes. This will clean the new filter in a healthy manner. During the first installation, you might see cloudy water or hear a certain sound as if the water is pushing the air all through the filter cartridge.

Step 6: Keep using this filter

You can use this new filter until the filter indicator does not signal you to remove or replace it. Now you have to remove the old filter and replace it with the installation of a new one at the same place.

How can you remove a PUR Horizontal Faucet Filter?

Well, the whole process of removing a PUR water filter adapter, a horizontal faucet is the same as we did mention above for you. But the just difference is that you cannot hold the filter in a vertical direction. Other than that, the replacement is the same.

During the first installation, you might see cloudy water or hear a particular sound as if the water is pushing the air all through the filter cartridge. You have to twist off the filter plastic cap by turning it in a clockwise direction. Throw away the old filter.

Removing a PUR Horizontal Faucet Filter

You will see how the new filter comes with a purple plastic cover for protection. Please remove it. Attach the plastic cap on the different stop, though, in reality, turning it clockwise. You don’t have to do it too tightly. Simply ΒΌ of the way will do.

Place the filter where it is supposed to go and push it firmly on the stop with the cap. When the eject button pops out, the filter is in place. Tug on the cap to make sure that the filter is locked securely.

When should you change your PUR Water Filter?

To know exactly when you need to change the PUR water filter is the moment to make sure that this whole system is providing you safest and healthy drinking water.  Based on the area you have been residing in, how often you are using it, and what type of filter you have will carry out your causes of changing the water filter.

If you are using any best faucet water filter, it is mandatory to replace it after almost three months.  Or you can also put an estimation where you can remove it after 100 gallons of water have been used, which makes 380 liters.

Some of the water filters have an indicator light on them.  This indicator light will inform you about when is the right time to remove the filter.  As the indicator signals a yellow color, it means that the filter is no longer removing contaminants with ease and should be instantly replaced.

How can you use a PUR Filter?

Firstly, get yourself started with your PUR Water Pitcher, in which you have to soak the filter for almost 15 minutes. Now flush the filter for a maximum of 10 seconds. Locate the filter over the pitcher cavity. You have to twist it so the filter can get secure in one place.  Fill up the pitcher with some water.

For cleaning the PUR filter, you have to, first of all, remove the filter out from the refrigerator and then tap it over the bin to get away from the piled-up dirt and excess debris completely. Now you have to make a full cleaning solution of vinegar and water (3:1 ratio) and submerge the filter as entirely in it.

For how long time PUR Filter can Survive?

It can last long for a maximum of 3 months. The majority of the consumers’ filters as the water reaches our houses add up to activated carbon. As a result of it, a faucet-mounted filter from the PUR will completely remove chlorine, as well as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Few heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, and few organic compounds can give away water an unpleasant taste or odor. The filter change light is including up with a non-replaceable battery. The battery will somehow eventually stop working, but the filter is yet functional. The light will flash itself only when it is in use.

Green indicates the fact that the filter is working. Yellow means that the filter will need to be entirely replaced soon, while a red light will indicate that the filter needs an instant replacement.

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Final Verdict

This was a quick detailed guide on how to remove PUR water filter from faucet! PUR faucet filter sink adapter is excellent as we talk about the filtration capacity.  But they are rather inconsistent with their quality which needs some improvement. If you are fortunate much, then the device can last for long years without any leakage issue.  It is still available with two years of customer warranty.

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