How to Unclog PUR Water Filter | Easy 5 steps Guide

We all know that clean and safe drinking water is much needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It plays a vital role to keep your body away from all diseases and germs attack. PUR Filter Pitcher is an ideal option to enjoy clean drinking water with fantastic smell and good taste. If you are using PUR water filter then next thing which comes to your mind is how to unclog PUR water filter?

It is essential to keep your PUR water filter free from harmful particles or clogs. Have you ever noticed that your filter has stopped working at a regular speed after a few months as it used to be before? Does your PUR water filter clogged most often?

Why is it so?

This is generally because the regular use of the PUR water filter has collected particles in it, which has clogged the pores of the water filter. And to unclog the PUR water filter, you have to perform a proper cleaning procedure.  

Required Equipment to Unclog PUR Water Filter 

If you think unclogged the PUR water filter is a complex process, you are entirely wrong with this idea. In just 20 minutes, you can perform this whole process and that too without the help of a technician. 

The main tools and equipment’s needed to perform the process are:

  • A Dry cloth
  • A cup of Vinegar
  • Soft Sponge
  • Detergent or liquid soap

Now let’s highlight the whole tutorial for you in a step-by-step guide below:

Step By Step Quick Guide to Unclog PUR Water Filter 

Step 1 – Removing the Filter from the Dispenser

If you want to remove the PUR water filter white particles from the dispenser, you need first to remove its top cover. Then you have to twist the filter in -clockwise direction and slowly pull the filter out from the dispenser. 

Step 2 – Cleaning the Dispenser

The next step is about cleaning the dispenser! You have to use clean soap or detergent for cleaning the outer part of your dispenser. Rub the sponge on both sides and clean away all the stains and dirt. 

You can even soak your canister in a solution of almost 1 part vinegar and three parts water for around 5 minutes. Make the use of a dry cloth piece to remove any leftover particles to prevent any watermarking. Allow it to get dry for a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

Step 3 – Decide either to clean the filter or to replace

Now, this step is all about deciding what you want! Before you start the cleaning process, you should check if the filter needs cleanliness or needs a replacement. 

If you have already used the filter for a maximum of 3 months, it must perform the replacement and not cleanliness. But for three weeks of use, cleanliness is the best option for your filter. 

Step 4 – Cleaning the Filter

For cleaning the filter, you have to first shake the filter vigorously in the upright position. Shake it until you did not hear the granules inside the filter shifting. 

Now flip the filter and run some water in its bottom for at least 45 seconds. This running of water will let the debris or dust get removed from the corner areas of the filter. Now flip the filter again in the upright position and then repeat the first step. Shake it again until you hear sounds of inner granules shifting.

Step 5 – Re-installation of the Filter

Finally, your filter is 100% cleaned and is ready to use. All you should be doing is reinstall the filter within the casing of the pitcher. 

Twist the filter in a clockwise direction so you can attach it firmly with the filter. Fill some water in the pitcher and serve clean and healthy drinking water to your family from the PUR water Pitcher.

How often should you Clean Your Filter?

Well, this generally depends on the locality of the water filter. And this locality is related to the concentration of metallic contaminants part of your filter. This includes Mercury and Lead. Plus, it even depends on the size, usage and number of family members using the filter. 

If the locality level is too high, then it is evident that the filter will clog more. This will prompt you to clean the filter after two weeks. 

But for the larger family, there is a need to clean the water filter after one week. If your water has fewer contaminants, then make sure you do the cleaning after two weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Why my PUR water filter is not working correctly?

PUR water filters are not working correctly, or they might stop working because of high sediment and mineral damage levels. PUR water filter low pressure is the main sign to let you know that your filter is soon be dying. Air blockages, hot water damage and incorrect installation are few major causes. It might be possible that your filter is too much old to function correctly. 

2. How to know if my filter needs replacement or not?

There are various signs of a filter replacement. This includes bad taste; drains or faucets are making odd noises and smells bad. You can also replace PUR water filter sprays.

3. After how long time a PUR water filter can last?

PUR’s water filter can last for a maximum of 3 months. You should replace the filter after three months to get clean and healthy drinking water. 


We hope that you must have noted down all the steps to know how to unclog the PUR water filter with this informative guide! It is, although a good practice, to unclog and clean your filter after every two weeks. This is how you can drink clean water, thus increasing its water-filtering potential. 

Cleaning the filter will remove all those contaminants and particulates which are deposited on the filter walls. And these contaminants contribute to unhealthy and unclean drinking water. Cleaning the PUR water filter every week will positively affect the filter speed and its performance. In just 20 minutes, you can unclog the PUR water filter. 

Drink Clean, drink plenty, and live a disease-free life!

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