PUR PFM400H Faucet Water Filtration System | Features & Performance

Different water filters are available in the market, capable enough to provide you healthy and safe drinking water. But when it comes to the few best and advanced water filter models, we have the remarkable name of PUR PFM400h.

PUR is a top leading brand that has always won customer satisfaction by providing excellent and long-lasting filter models. And PUR PFM400h is one such perfect example of it.

Do you want to know more about this water filter and its amazing features? Let’s get into the discussion below.


As fitted with the maxion filter technology, this water filter offers the users water, which has a refreshing and crisp rate. It has the ability where it can remove around 99%of the lead and 92% of pesticides along with 70 various contaminants. This unit is also available with advanced features such as a new leak connector and improved grip for better performance.

Hence, this is a durable and long-lasting filter that cleans more than 100 gallons of water just before you need any replacement. It is also available with the sensor monitor to show the filter life status. The best thing about this filter unit is that it is compatible with most water faucets and is easy to attach. It has a 3-color filter replacement indicator with more than 100 gallons of water filter capacity.

Specifications Of PUR PFM400H

  • Horizontal mount design
  • Clean sensor monitor to display the status of the filter
  • Great Maxion Filter technology
  • Three (3) stage filter system
  • Leakproof connector
  • Adds minerals to the water to improve the smell and taste

Design & Construction

This faucet filter is available with various functionality and design. It is available with three different models to pick the one according to your convenience level.

PUR Basic Filtration System and PUR Advanced Filtration System are the two major systems with various cartridges. All the models are available with a light indicator for the usage of filtration. Hence it is built from various materials such as white and black plastic with chrome finishing and stainless steel body.

Because of the top-end model, it is available with Bluetooth connectivity for easily tracking the use of this filter on your smartphone.

Features of PUR PFM400H

  • Removes Pollutants

PUR PMF400H is undoubtedly among the best and most effective faucet filters that are excellent for removing various water contaminants. It has the capacity where it can remove more than 72 most common contaminants in the municipal waters. This includes 99% lead as well as 96% of mercury from the water.

Hence, this filter will ensure water delivery that is 100% clean, tasty, and pure. Apart from it, the PFM 400H filter can even remove other contaminants. This includes industrial pollutants, 92% of agricultural pesticides, and Chlorine, mercury, pharmaceuticals from the water.

  • Multi-stage Filtration System

PUR faucet filter uses the MAXION technology to build a complete filtration cartridge. This filtration cartridge is available with two stages for the basic filter and three stages for the MineralClear filter.

Stage 1: Sediment Trap Filtration

This first layer of the filtration system is responsible for removing huge particles such as sand, dust, and dirt.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Media

This stage removes 99% of lead, mercury, and cysts, pesticides, and Chlorine.

Stage 3: Post Filter

This stage filters some natural minerals and hence leaving the water crisp and best to consume.

The famous MAXION technology, as claimed by the PUR, uses the steam heat to fully treat the carbon grains by creating a massive surface area for the carbon to get trap. It hence absorbs the contaminants found in your water. All the faucet filter models in the PUR are capable of fitting into both of the filtration cartridges.

  • Water Pressure

The optimal Water Pressure (psi) of this filter unit is a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 70 psi. More than this will often let the filter get unattached.

  • Certified by WQA

It claims to be all certified by the NSF against Standard 53 and 42 and 401 for easily reducing lead, mercury, as well as Chlorine, and various contaminants.

  • Filters (Material & Lifespan)

This filter unit includes the material of:

  • Activated carbon and ion exchange
  • Trap sediment
  • Filter reference: MineralClear (RF-9999)

Unlike the rest of the faucet water filter, this water filter uses the MAXION filter technology for effectively purifying the polluted water. This technology makes the use of ion exchange as well as activated carbon for providing a superior filtration system. Plus, this filter can clean more than 100 gallons of water, for which you have to replace it after 2-3 months of constant use.

Operation & Maintenance

The PUR PFM400H on tap water filter is quite easy to maintain and in terms of usage! You will find the installation process extremely easy and that too without the need for extra tools.

Plus, this faucet filter works with the lithium battery, so the CleanSensorTM Monitor can even indicate the status of the filter’s life. The stylish chrome finishing of this filter will also protect the filter from any rusting.

Installation of PUR PFM400H

The installation process of PUR PFM400H is quite easy and effortless to do. You have to twist back the cover off. Next, you have to insert the filter into the device. Replace the back cover. You have to remove the original aerator and its washer. Make the use of a rubber jar opener if the aerator is difficult to remove.

Turn down the lever for filtered water. Before first use, just run cold water for 5 minutes in the filtered position.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent processing of water filtration
  • Head swivels up to almost360-degrees.
  • It weighs around 1.15 pounds and measures 5.2” by 6.8” by 2.9.”
  • Horizontal set of mount filter


  • Incompatible with the hand-held or the pull-out faucets

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What is the filtration coverage of PUR PFM400h?

This filter unit has the filtration coverage to remove more than 99% of the 70 contaminants.

2. What is the customer warranty of PUR PFM400h?

It is available with a two-year warranty period for the customers.

3. Is PUR PFM400h Cartridge compatible?

The cartridge of this filter unit is compatible with all the models of faucet filters in PUR. You can even upgrade the cartridge without spending an extra penny on the housing.

4. Why your PUR PFM400h do not work properly?

It is possible much that the PUR PFM400h has stopped working due to air blockages, high sediment levels, or hot water or even due to mineral damage.

5. What will happen if the hot water runs through the PUR PFM400h?

You should only run cold water through PUR PFM400h. Running the hot water will decrease the effectiveness of the filter.

Final Verdict

To end up the whole discussion, we will state that PUR PFM400H is an advanced and basic entry-level faucet mount filter. It is available in two color options, i.e., black and white, at an affordable cost, making it worth buying right now.

Cartridges of this water filter have the capacity of removing more than 70 contaminants, including lead. Hence, you will have safe drinking and tasty drinking water. You will even find it easy during the replacement, which is its plus point.

So what are you waiting for? Get this outstanding water filter right now for a healthy and safe drinking water experience.

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